Report: MediaNow Second User Panel Meeting

MediaNow’s second user panel meeting took place at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision on the 24th of May 2017. Eighteen people gathered for the meeting to discuss the status of and insights produced by the project so far.  After a lively round of project update presentations by the involved researchers, members of the user panel actively participated in the morning’s MAKE, TRY and ASK sessions.

The MAKE session focused on mapping search processes of media professionals, researching specific topics for audiovisual items, projects or programs. The media professionals collaborated in small groups to draw flow charts or search scenario’s, and shared their ideas with the rest of the group afterwards.

During the TRY session, the exploratory search browser DIVE+ was tested. Guided by a number of search tasks, users tinkered with and tested the browser. Feedback was collected by means of an online questionnaire, as well as shared afterwards during the ASK session.

The researchers thank the user panel for their very active participation! Insights provided by the created search scenario’s  will help validate the team’s earlier findings about the context and practices of professional audiovisual search, while the DIVE+ testing will lead to recommendations for the further development of the search browser.