Monthly Archives: September 2015

The project has kicked-off!

The MediaNow project has officially kicked-off. Today, the team and partners met up to discuss the project’s plans and shared ideas about MediaNow. Because how do media-professionals, retrieval specialists, R&D professionals and technical experts see the future of creative retrieval, and self-learning search algorithms?

After a round of introductions and presentations by the research team, the group got to work and collectively discussed the current needs of media-professionals when it comes to audio-visual retrieval. Ideas for immediate feature requests surfaced as did more meta and multi-perspectival “the sky is the limit” conceptualizations of what an ideal retrieval experience would look like. And questions surfaced: is it possible to build an algorithm that makes creative associations and storylines between entities?

The morning ended with short presentations by the partners about who they felt “the media-professional” is, and what current and future needs and characteristics of this professional are. The kick-off has provided a lot of food for thought for the team!